Breach of Rules at Cadeby Main – Lamp Keeper Prosecuted

March 1896

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 6, 1896

Breach of Rules at Cadeby Main

Henry Brentnall was charged with having committed a breach of special rule 95, which provides that all persons employed in a mine should see that their lamps are properly and sufficiently secured.

The defendant pleaded guilty

Mr Pawson said that the Company did not wish to press the case against the defendant.

Ordered to pay the costs.

Israel Metcalfe, the lamp keeper at Cadeby Main Colliery, the man who gave the defendant in the last case the lamp, which was not properly locked, was charged with having committed a breach of 75 special rule.

Mr Pawson pointed out that the Company wished to make an example of this man, as he had been warned several times before for the same offence. The workmen employed in the pit wall had to use the lamps depended a great deal upon this man for the security of their lamps, and it was a special duty to see that the lamps were in a fit condition to take into the mine.

The Bench imposed a fine of 10 shillings and 17s 6d costs.