Trap Accident at Conisborough

August 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 13, 1897

Trap Accident at Conisborough.

On Tuesday evening the family of Mr Caleb Kilner consisting of wife, a married daughter and child, were returning home from a drive in the country, and when coming down a very steep hill the front portion of the carriage broke away from the vehicle, to come sharply upon the horses hindquarters. It at once resented that, and began kicking and foraging about, and it certainly looked as though nothing could avert a sad misfortune. However, Mr Kilner greatly determined to stick to his post, and kept the animal under control as much as possible with the result that no serious accident befell the party.

The horse was badly hurt, the carriage broken to pieces, but, fortunately, none of the occupants were badly hurt, although the wheels of the vehicle passed over the thigh of Mr Kilner’s daughter, who had jumped from the carriage along with her child immediately danger was imminent, but no bones were broken.

All the party suffered from shock to the nervous system, but will probably recover within a few days.