April 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 15, 1927


In referring to the question of sewage by the Council in the Colliery Housing site, it was called “Chinatown.”

Mr Brocklesby said that he would like to know how that district got the name of Chinatown.

Mr Thirlwall said it was a very inappropriate name for that district.

Mr Maxfield said that they would call it the “City on the Hill.” All new places in districts received the name of China Town.

Miss Robert said that it was quite as good as “Little Wigan” at Rossington.

Mr Brocklesby said it that it was quite inappropriate because there was a “Chinatown” suggested disreputableness.

Mr Roberts suggest that should be called Brockleville.

Mr Gillett said all the people live there called it a health resort, and it was only ignorant people called it “Chinatown.”

Mr Collins suggest that at the next meeting of the Council a name should be proposed for the district.

The resolution was carried.