Colliery Trade

September 1897

Hull Daily Mail – Wednesday 08 September 1897

Colliery Trade

The distribution of the trade amongst the collieries shows some curious and rather interesting changes.

Denaby and Cadeby Main, as usual, head the list of contributors —with 47,280 tons, increase of 5,224 tons on the month, and tons, increase 37.488 tons in the eight months.

lts neighbour, Manvers Main, has increases of 3,480 tons the month, and 20,832 tons the seven months; but with these exceptions, and that Elsecar, which has small increase, the South Yorkshire pits have reduced their contributions.

Including the three collieries named, the ten South Yorkshire contributors sent last month 125,480 tons, as against 135,912 tons, a decrease of 10,432 tons; whilst the ten largest West Yorkshire nits sent total 48,664 tons, compared with 33.368 ton 3 in August. 1896, increase of 15,296 tons, a position of affairs almost unprecedented in the recent progress of the trade.