Conisborough School Board.

November 1897

Sheffield Independent – Saturday 06 November 1897

Conisborough School Board.

The monthly meeting of this board was held on Thursday night, when there were present Messrs: Dufton (in the chair) Marsh, Pagdin and Walker.

The plans for the schools extensions were submitted, and it was decided to forward them to the Education Department.

Mr Pagdin moved that the standard of attendance  be increased from 70 to 80%.

Mr Walker asked if they had ample accommodation.

Mr Pagdin said he thought they could accommodate all whose names were on the books.

An attendance committee consists of Mr Dufton, Pagdin and Marsh was appointed, and Mr Pagdin’s motion was agreed to.

In answer to Mr Dufton concerning the absence of the Vicar, the Clerk said although he had left the town he had asked to be informed of meetings when anything important was to be discussed. He had no notice of that meeting.

Mr Walker said MrStock ought to have had a notice of that meeting sent him.

The Clerk was instructed to advertise for another teacher in the place of Mr Mitchell, an assistant master who had resigned.

A committee was appointed to arrange as to the heating of the schools.