Conisborough Miner’s Thefts

March 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 25, 1927

Conisborough Miner’s Thefts

Thomas Knighton, 24, a miner of Conisborough, was charged at Doncaster on Tuesday with breaking and entering a dwelling house and stealing crockery, the property of Mrs Mary Chambers, and also with stealing an open iron rest, the property of the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery.

Prisoner pleaded guilty to both charges

it was stated by inspector rather that between March 10 and 15 goods including a coffeepot, cups and saucers, knives and an aluminium pan, to the value of £1 were taken from 19 Welfare Ave, Conisborough.

Mrs Mary Chambers was living at Mexborough at the time and had been given tenancy of a house on the Conisborough Council housing scheme.

On March 10 the goods were taken to the house in preparation for removal. The house was then locked up to the 15th, when it was found that the window had been broken and the goods taken.

Enquiries were made and on March 1 PC Lund interviewed the prisoner. All the goods were returned except a pair of shoes which have been sold.

The prisoner, when charged, said “Yes, that is right.”

Prisoner said that he went in the house to try and get some food. He had been unable to work and his wife had nothing to eat.

“She has nothing at home now,” he added.

He had four previous convictions and was fined £1 10s on each charge.