Conisbrough Veteran Goes On The Retired List (picture)

August 1957

South Yorkshire Times August 17, 1957.

Conisbrough Veteran.
Goes On The Retired List.

After an active “life” of 22 years, Conisbrough small, open fire engine – a machine reminiscent of the days of the slapstick comedy team, the “Keystone Cops” has finally been withdrawn from service.

On Monday morning, still highly polished and shining, it was parked behind Mexborough Divisional Fire HQ waiting to be taken away for breaking up. It has been replaced by a model of 1939 vintage. This

Although the old machine has not been stationed at Conisbrough very long, a replacement was necessary, and it is highly likely that in the near future 1939 model will be replaced by a highly powered limousine type machine. This, however, depends on certain alterations being made to the station.