Conisbrough Viewer – Saw Son on T.V. – Home Fleet Review (video)

June 1957

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 1st 1957

Conisbrough Viewer
Saw Her Son-in-Law On TV

Watching television at home, 23, Cedric Avenue, Conisbrough, Mrs. Beatrice Whitehouse saw her son-in-law presented to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on board H.M.S. “Albion” in the Home Fleet review.

Her son-in-law is chief petty officer Albert E. Cox, who married Mrs Whitehouse’s daughter, Pamela, a former teacher at Denaby Rossington Street school. He was presented of chief air Artificer of 800 squadron of Sea Hawks (the Albion is the latest aircraft carrier). He has been with this squadron since September, when the Albion was one of the first ships to arrive during the Suez crisis and was last to come home in March.

P.O Cox was among 30 men chosen to be is presented from 12,000 men. He has now completed 19 years in the Navy and holds the long service medal. He formerly lived in Bircoates (near Doncaster) and he and his wife have now settled in Crawley Sussex.

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