Damaging Fences at Conisborough

May 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 28, 1897

Damaging Fences at Conisborough

George Holland, miner, Conisborough was charged with unlawfully damaging a fence, the property of Bosdin J Clarkson at Conisborough on 14 May.

PC Evan stated that on the day named in the summons, about 12:20, yours on duty in Denaby Road, Conisborough, when he saw the defendant in a field belonging to the prosecutor, breaking down the fences to get through. He had no right to go through the edge.

Defendant said he did not break down the edge. People are gone through it all morning and he did not break the fence at all.

Mr Bryon spoke at the damage done to the fence. It was costing several shillings a week repairing. The fence had only been repaired on the Monday. The damage on this occasion was one shilling.

The father of the boy said it was a regular road across the field, and, through the hedge for the people to go and fetch spring water. He had been to examine the fence that morning, and it was only a bit of a thorn fence. He could tell them and they would believe him that the water they had to drink was cruel – (laughter) – that’s what it was. The lad might have been sent for some water. His mother might have sent him. He did not know. The water they had to drink was bad. They could take his word for it. (Laughter). It was a great shame that they had to pay for 4s 7d per week rent, and could not get better water. (Laughter). He was sorry the lad had been through the fence.

PC Evan said the lad had a bucket with him. Mr Clarkson had gone to the trouble of providing people with a trough to get the water.

Defendant’s father: it’s only a bit of a thorn fence. It’s never been mended since I came to Conisborough. The lad went through the fence.

The Chairman: If you want to go for water, you must go the proper way.

The defendant was ordered to pay 10s including costs and the damage to the fence.