Denaby Main Rifle Club – Annual Shooting Competition

September 1907

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 09 September 1907

Denaby Main Rifle Club
Annual Shooting Competition

Commencing on Thursday, the annual shooting competition of the Denaby Main Rifle Club was concluded on Saturday.

Tea was provided in the new rifle pavilion on both days. The meeting was successful both from the point of view of entries and for the character of the shooting.

Seventy three members entered for the Kilner Challenge Cup, which was won by Mr. A, H. Barnard with a score 89. He also took the special prize given Mr. Wray. The second prize, given Mr, Walker, H.M. Inspector of Mines, went to Mr. L Wright.

Mr. F. French took the imitation Astor Cup with Messrs. M. Hulse (winner of Capt. Pope’s cup) and T. B. Potts fourth and fifth respectively.

In the quick-firing Competition Mr. Wright was first with a score of 53, Messrs. Oxley and Witty being equal with 31 points for second, this prize going to Mr. Oxley.

At the 100 yards range, the prize given by Mrs. Chambers was won by Mr. H. Thompson with a score of 53, Mr. F. W. Rudd winning at the 100 yards range with an identical score. The shooting returns in the second, third, and fourth class competitions were also satisfactory. In the firing at the running man competition, Mr. A. H. Barnard achieved the distinction of a “highest possible.” The prize for the greatest number of bulls went to Mr. L. Wright.