Denaby Utd – Denaby 10, 0llerton Colliery 2 – Denaby Into Shooting Stride

27 December 1947

South Yorkshire Times, December 27, 1947

Denaby Into Shooting Stride

 Denaby U. 10, 0llerton C. 2

0llerton put up a praiseworthy performance in both halves at Tickhill Square on Saturday, but they could do nothing to stop Denaby’s storming and were never In the hunt. Score was 4-1 at halftime. In one of their rare excursions into the Denaby halt, 0llerten saw Barke misjudge a clearance, and though Cowley came out to fist the ball away, Maskell got to it and pushed it into the empty net.

Constant Flood

That goal was an equaliser! But the day’s fortunes soon began to unfold. Denaby, like a constant flood tide, broke ceaselessly on the 0llerton backs, forcing their way through the open spaces and raining ceaselessly on the untiring Oakley.

Cowley, in goal, was always sure and confident in the few sorties 0llerton made.              Cox and Williams played, as always, a stout game. Madin, Barke and Coward had a grand afternoon and the forward line, Carr, Killourhy, Wright, Schofield and Locker, were always in full cry. Carr, particularly, had a thoroughly enterprising game, while the return of Wright to centre-forward was heralded by a hat-trick.

Carr, who scored in the first minute of the second half, forced his way through on his own, and within four minutes had twice repeated the manoeuvre, crossing the ball first for Killourhy and then for Locker to score. The 10th goal was another tribute to Williams’ tenacity. The move started with him and it was rounded up by Killourhy who got four of the 10 goals


8 mins Wright

22 mins Maskell (Ollerton)

31 mins Locker

38 mins Wright

43 mins Killourhy

47 mins Carr

49 mins Killourhy

51 mins Locker

54 mins Wright

70 mins, Killourhy

78 mins Bicknell (Ollerton)

83 mins Killourhy