Denaby Utd – Denaby 2. Doncaster R. Res. 2 – Rovers Foiled by Dynamic Effort

20 December 1947

South Yorkshire Times, December 20, 1947

Rovers were Foiled by a Dynamic Effort

Denaby United 2. Doncaster R. Res. 2

The pace and effort of this game, topped by the result, were the finest tonic’ we have had at Tickhill Square in weeks. From the “off” Doncaster swept into attack through both their powerful wings. Cowley was instantly in action, but covered beautifully. Then, in the ninth minute, Doncaster scored. Seven minutes later they were two in the lead.

Calamitous Start.

It was calamitous start for United, who had hoped to be at full strength, for, after all, here were virtual Second Division men who, in the first half at least, always looked !like winning.

Fast, forceful and direct, they were always delightful to watch, and for half an hour repeatedly flashed through United’s defence. Then Locker snicked the first notch on his gun—a grand turn of events for Denaby supporters—and United turned round a goal down. In the second half they played like a side inspired. They got instant measure of the Rovers’ attack; passes were Intercepted and turned to advantage, and Doncaster sorties were rolled back by a resolute defence in which Madin was again the hero.

And after Denaby had done everything but score, Locker made an opportunity for Killourhy which could not have been offered to safer feet. The former Doncaster forward poked, rather than shot, the ball easily, effortlessly past Hardwick in the 84th minute — and with the chances they got. United should have snatched a winner.

It was not Hardwick’s fault that Doncaster dropped a point. He was a master, and for three parts of the second half baulked Denaby with everything he knew. Rovers never lost their speed, notably wingmen Tindill and Maddison, Walker, too, and the energetic Livsey and the tall, ever-present Owens.               But in the second half the quickening of tempo was largely dictated by Denaby and Rovers certainly lost the initiative.