Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Scunthorpe 2 – Denaby in Happiest Vein

September 1947

South Yorkshire Times September 6, 1947

Denaby in Their Happiest Vein

Denaby U. 4 Scunthorpe 2

Denaby United were in their happiest this vein before a record gate of 2600 in this match with Scunthorpe on Monday. With Mick Killourhy and Stratton back in the side they stepped into a match-winning strike from the whistle and Scunthorpe never threatened to hit them out of it. The second half was a stormer.

After crossing over with a goal scored in the sixth minute by Strachan to a goal scored seven minutes later by Wynne, Denaby strode clear in the second minute when Millington, Scunthorpe centre half, trying to head clear, headed instead, passed Rymer, his own goalkeeper. That goal put the crowd in roaring mood, but they will remember most vividly the goal that made it three – one only two minutes later. Jack Williams, well back in his own half, took a terrific clearance. Even then the ball seemed harmless, but a second later it had Rymer in trouble, for it bounced high on the hard ground as he came a few yards out of goal to meet it, and Wright ,following through,  was there to beat the Scunthorpe goalkeeper to it and to push it well and hard into the back of the net .

Killourhy got the fourth goal direct from a corner kick after 22 minutes, Pinchbeck scoring Scunthorpe second just a second or two before the final whistle.

Denaby supporters had every reason to be satisfied with this full packet of moneysworth. If United reproduce this pace and form regularly I foresee some good stuff at Denaby this season, and that gate figure, which started at 1,875 soaring still higher.