Denaby Utd – Denaby 7 Mansfield Tn Res 2 – Full-back Forward – Gets 4 Goals! (picture)

April 1947

South Yorkshire Times April 5, 1947

 Full-back to Forward – Gets 4 Goals!

Denaby Utd, 7, Mansfield Tn. Res. 2

Cromack, Mansfield Town goalkeeper comes to gather the ball, challenged by Asquith. Watching is Wright, Denaby centre forward, and on the left Kilhourhy

There was full money’s worth in this nine goals action match at Tickhill Square, notably in the second half when Asquith, moved up from full-back to outside-left, got a hat-trick in six minutes and brought his share of Denaby’s seven goals to four.

After an early spell of strong raiding by a lively Mansfield forward line it was a one-sided game, but Denaby’s smoothly working line was always a pleasure to watch and they handsomely deserved this emphatic decision. Both attack and defence of Mansfield quickly wilted and the mistake of relying too much on close passing was soon evident. They made desperate efforts to retrieve their heavy reverse in the second half and the closing stages were as exciting as any.

The scoring time-table was as follows: WRIGHT (15 minutes), KILLOURHY (35 minutes), ASQUITH (37 minutes), ASQUITH (57 minutes), ASQUITH (59 minutes), ASQUITH (61 minutes), OSCROFT, Mansfield (65 minutes), KILLOURHY (68 minutes), and BRYANT, Mansfield (70 minutes).

The first goal was a gem. Following a long spell of Mansfield raiding, Williams cleared to Strachan, Strachan pushed through a beautifully placed ball to Asquith as the Denaby outside-forward centred, Killourhy let the ball through into the goalmouth for Wright to meet it and hook it neatly out of Cromack’s reach. Killourhy got his goal from a Wright pass and shared in the next one, two minutes later, putting in another accurately placed lob for Asquith to score. And, of course, later on, we had the delight of another Killourhy penalty goal!