Denaby Utd – Denaby Ready To Meet Southport – Boston Beaten – Dour Defence

11 November 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 11, 1927

Denaby United Ready To Meet Southport
Boston’s English Cup Defeat at Home
Dour Defenders

Boston 1 Denaby 2

Denaby United visited Boston yesterday and for the second time this season defeated the Stumpites on their own ground. This time it in the English Cup competition, and success was theirs by the odd goal in three.

The first hail was keenly contested with the visitors the superior side. They scored after nine minutes through Clegg, who moved to inside right, vice Fawden, who was dropped, and just before the interval Wroe flashed  a centre from Hethergton past Wilson.

Boston thus faced the second half two goals in arrears, but they soon made their presence felt. The Denaby defenders, however, played great game, and although it was virtually a case of shooting tor goal they kept them out until minutes from the end, when Hunter handled on the edge of the penalty area, and from the free kick Doran scored with great shot. Exciting play was seen during the closing stages when only the great keeping of Birch saved made a great save from surprise shot from S. Jenkinson while twice in rapid sequence he dealt with what looked like certain goals from Menlove and Doran.

Hunter’s Signature Sought.

When the teams met Saturday, Denaby had the luck, but yesterday it this was quite the reverse. There is doubt that Denaby possess one the finest teams they have ever had. and should give Southport a good fight in the next round.

Theiir defence is second none in the league, and in Hunter, their right back, they have player above Midland League standard, and it was not surprising that several League clubs were keen only his signature after the match.

Both he and Taylor covered Birch excellently. Of a strong half-hack line Ogley was outstanding, who broke up attack after attack. There was still, however, the same fault on Saturday —the forwards were weak in front of goal.

So Little can said in favour the Boston team with the exception of Reid and Wilson. Wilson, in goal, brought off some clever saves, while Reid, at back, in the first half was invariably the saviour of his side. Chambers was the pick of the halves.

Menlove’s Great Came.

The schemer in the Boston attack was undoubtedly their skipper, Bert Menlove, who played one of his best games, combining well with Doran, the ex-Irish international. Both teams made changes compared with Saturday sides. Boston were without Greaves, but Blakey, from the reserves, was n useful substitute back. Denaby brought Clegg into the forward line, and included Goodison  at half-back. Towards the end the game a good deal of feeling crept into the play, and two Denaby and one Boston player received a caution from the referee. All through the match was fought at great pace, with Boston scarcely deserving to lose.

Teams:— Boston.-Wilson Reid. Blakey; Craven, Chambers, Richardson. W. Jenkinson, Menlove. Doran. S Jenkinson, Keers

Denaby United.—Birch; Hunter. Taylor; Goodison. Windle; Wroe, Johnson, Kelly, Clegg, Hetherington.

Referee: Mr. A Weaver