Denaby Utd – Shirebrook 0, Denaby 2 – Denaby attack in trim

March 1926

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 19, 1926

Denaby attack in trim.
Happy display at Shirebrook

Shirebrook 0, Denaby United 2

Denaby, who paid a visit to North Derbyshire on Saturday to play Shirebrook, return with both points. Throughout the game the Denaby forwards played delightful football, showing a quickness on the ball and cleverness in combination which kept the Shirebrook defence very busy. Had it not been for the sterling work of Tindall (the old Barnsley player), and Jackson, and the reliability of Goddard in goal, there is a little doubt the result would have been a still more decisive victory for Denaby.

Thompson was the outstanding worker in the Denaby forward line. His runs and accurate centres being a feature of the game. Excellent work, too, was done by Skeels, and ample support was given by the inside forwards. The Denaby defence was not so severely tried as that of Shirebrook, but under pressure they revealed a nice understanding. Denaby were perhaps fortunate to keep their goal safe, for Shirebrook did most of the attacking. And Bromage was very busy at times. On at least three occasions a Shirebrook forward failed miserably with only the keeper to beat.

In the first half several of the players and the crowd differed with the ruling of the referee on a clearance by Bisby who kicked the ball right of the goal line when Bromage had run out and missed it.

Weakness in front of goal was the reason for the defeat of Shirebrook, the forwards being much inferior to their own backs and halves. No scoring took place in the first half, when Shirebrook had the slope in their favour and the sun at their backs. No goal was scored until 15 minutes from the end when Allen with a shrewd shot gave Goddard no chance. After the Denaby goal had had a wonderful escape Denaby resume the offensive and further improved their position. Pearson scoring with a terrific rising shot which Goddard hardly saw. In the closing stages Shirebrook missed another open goal.

Teams: –
Shirebrook: Goddard; Jackson. Tyndall; Jones. Richards. Chambers: Housley, Broscom. Steele. Gibson. Hetherington.
Denaby United: Bromage; Ogley, Bisby; Croot, Riley, Windle; Thompson, Fawdon, Pearson, Allen. Skeels