Doncaster Case Remitted From High Court – Story of £100

December 1927

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 09 December 1927


Doncaster Case Remitted From High Court.

Under an action which had been remitted from the High Court, James Peters, potato merchant, of Denaby sought to recover, at the Doncaster County Court yesterday, £100 money lent, from Albert E. Bateson, now of the Union Inn, Mexborough.

Mr. F. J. O. Coddington, of Sheffield (instructed by Mr. F. Allen) was for the complainant, and Mr. R. Watson (instructed Mr. B. D. Gray) for the defendant.

Mr. Coddington said the defence was filed denying the money was ever lent. Defendant was the manager or managing director of the Doncaster Glass Co. Ltd., which t that time was in very great difficulties.  For On several occasions the defendant had asked Peters to invest money in the company but he had refused.

On October 2nd, 1924, defendant visited plaintiff, who was ill in bed. Defendant asked him for a loan of £100. Plaintiff gave him the money, and later defendant handed his wife a curious sort of document in which plaintiff was allocated a quantity of bottles. It was an alleged security—a sort of mock sale.

On October 3rd there were entries in the books purporting to represent cash sales to the defendant. On of November 8th the company went into liquidation, and paid something less than 1s. in the £ to creditors and nothing to shareholders.

Mr Watson said his case was that the money was paid by plaintiff through the defendant to assist the company, which was in financial difficulties, the arrangement being that £100 worth of bottles should treated as a sale to the plaintiff.

Plaintiff, in evidence, denied that defendant said he wanted the money to pay wages. His Honour Judge Turner found for plaintiff for the amount of the claim, saying he was satisfied that it was personal loan