Five Day Week

May 1947

South Yorkshire Times, May 3, 1947

Five Day Week

Cadeby Main.

Reports from Cadeby Main on Monday revealed that there had been an excellent turn up for work, and general satisfaction was expressed at this response. A notice has been pointed at the colliery that boards and lamps must be drawn for the morning shift before 5:50 AM


An interesting immediate social development from the advent of the five-day week is reported from Conisbrough and Denaby. Conisbrough Urban Council’s baths subcommittee, responsible for municipal dancing at Denaby baths Hall, are of the opinion that with the inauguration of the new working week Friday will be a better night for dancing than Saturday, and are introducing during this month a series of dances at the Baths Hall on Friday evenings. They will celebrate the inauguration of the new working week tonight with a carnival dance.

A council official stated this week that an innovation would be the new dancing time: 10 pm to 3 am

“The idea behind this decision to put back the start of the dance to 10 o’clock,” he explained, “is to give the men returning from work on their afternoon shift at 9:30 pm the opportunity to enjoying a night’s dancing. They will be able to have a meal at home and have a night’s entertainment and then stay in bed the following day. It was not possible to hold late-night dancing before because if that had been done men might have been unable to get to work the next day.”