Larceny at Conisborough

August 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 13, 1897

Larceny at Conisborough.

Ellen Lowe, single woman, Conisborough, was charged with larceny at Conisborough.

Charles Dickinson said he was an assistant to Mr Herbert Henry Wray, pawnbroker, new Conisborough. About 9 o’clock in the evening of Friday last, he saw defendant looking in at the office window, the window was open, and it was a private entrance. Sometime afterwards he saw her going through the yard. An umberella was missed, and it was found in the yard. It was valued at 3 s PC Jarvis proved as to apprehending the prisoner, and when charged with the offence, said she had stolen it. Prisoner pleaded guilty to that offence.

The second charge was then proceeded with. John Lawrence Smith said he was a labourer, and lived in Firbeck Street, New Conisborough. On Wednesday last he placed a watch guard on the mantelpiece. Sometime afterwards he required to wear it and am looking for found it had gone. Prisoner had been in the habit of going to the house. It was valued at 15 s .

Mrs Brown wife of Sgt Brown of the police station, Conisborough, said she was knocked up between 12 and 1 o’clock on Friday night to admit the prisoner. On searching her she had something in her hand. And on asking her what it was she said nothing. On looking however, she found a silver Albert. The girl said it’s the Albert they are looking for, but don’t tell them.”

Witness handed it over to PC Jarvis.

Prisoner pleaded guilty to both offences, said she had nothing to say. The father of the girl said he was sorry for what had occurred. She had no mother, and she kept the house for him. He would send her right away to London after that affair. The chairman said the girl would be detained there for seven days, must take it as a warning that she did it again she will be sent to prison for a longer period.