Mishap at Cadeby – Denaby Foreman in hospital (picture)

July 1957

South Yorkshire Times, July 13, 1957

Mishap at Cadeby.
Denaby Foreman in hospital

A 36-year-old Denaby quarry foreman, Arthur Camm, 95, Doncaster Road, Denaby, was admitted to Doncaster infirmary on Tuesday after having been involved in an accident with a 3 ½ ton mechanical shovel.

Camm, a native of Cadeby, had taken charge of the quarry on Saturday during the managers holiday.

He lives with his married sister Mrs Miller, and her husband, Mr J. Miller, at Denaby and has worked with his present firm over 10 years and prior to that worked for his brother, Mr G. Camm, on the latter’s term at Cadeby. He has lived in Denaby nine years.

Camm, who has a fractured pelvis and fractured ribs, was last night stated to be “improving.”