Municipal Dancing – Success of Conisbrough Venture

February 1947

South Yorkshire Times, February 22, 1947

Municipal Dancing
Success of Conisbrough Venture

Conisbrough Urban Councils Bath’s Committee, enthusiastic sponsors of municipal dancing at the Baths Hall, now feel that they have had sufficient experience of the vagaries of dance promotion in this area to be able to take stock of their enterprise.

Coun. George Cheshire, committee chairman, told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter on Monday that the committee steadfastly believe that municipal dancing was a sound proposition for the urban district, not from the business standpoint alone, but also from the viewpoint of providing social intercourse for the residents of Conisbrough and Denaby and guaranteeing the maintenance of their own municipal building in the highest order.

“Before the council commenced their venture,” Mr Cheshire explained, “the normal price of admission to dances in this district was 2s 6d per person. The council decided to adopt the 2s figure for all dances except special holidays functions, and they believe their action has resulted in dance promoters in the area bringing their prices into line with the councils.

We feel, too, that the provision of an assured Saturday evening dancing their own hall week in and week out has given the local dancing public the definite knowledge that there will be full “dancing time” right through the season and precluded the danger, as might have been the case if the hall was booked from week to week, that they would turn up at the pass all in the hope that there might be a dance and then have to go further afield for their entertainment.”