News from Tasmania (picture)

June 1947

South Yorkshire Times June 7, 1947.

News from Tasmania.

From Miss Lucy G. Drabble, youngest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs. J. Drabble, Northcliffe Road, Conisbrough, we have received this week an interesting letter of her experiences in Tasmania, the land of her new adoption.

Mr Drabble, member of a well-known Conisbrough family, left Conisbrough in 1937 and resided subsequently in Worcester and Wallesey.

“It is now eight weeks since I landed in Sydney from the R. M. S. Orion and at last,” Miss Drabble says. “am settling down to live in Tasmania. I have only been here in the island three weeks and even in that short time have been greatly struck by the volume of effort to send gift food to Britain.

Tasmania, an island the size of Wales and with a population of only 250,000 come second to none in generosity. Every day the islands popular paper, the “Mercury” gives long columns of donations, suggestions and dispatches.

The Red Cross and organisations such as the County Women’s Association never relax their efforts, yet a large section of the people feel that still ‘more could be done’.”