Returning from Mexbro’ Market.

October 1887

Sheffield Independent – Monday 17 October 1887

Returning from Mexbro’ Market.

At the Doncaster Police Court, on Saturday, Lord Auckland presiding, Wm. Callis, cab proprietor, Swinton was summoned for furious driving at Mexbro’.

Samuel Brown, horse keeper, in the employ of Mr. Clarkson, confectioner, Conisbro’, proved the case. He stated that on the night of Saturday the 13th October, he was driving a conveyance between Mexbro’ and Conisbro’. He left the bank at Mexbro’ about ten o’clock with a number of passengers. When in Doncaster read the defendant approached with a conveyance and a pair of horses. Witness saw that danger was imminent, and shouted several times, “Hey up!” There was another vehicle as well as that of the witness, and the defendant appeared to be trying to drive between them. When the collision occurred, both conveyances broke down, but the defendant’s was the most damaged. Two passengers were knocked out of the conveyance driven by witness

The defendant said after the collision occurred he went to Conisboro’ to see the owner of the conveyance he had damaged, and told him he was sorry for what happened. There weren’t passengers in his (defendant’s) vehicle.

Lord Auckland said the defendant had evidently been driving improperly and recklessly, and might have caused the death of some one.