The Burial Scandal

December 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 28, 1907

The Burial Scandal

It strikes on that a lot of unnecessary bother is being, made over this so-called scandal. The plain facts of the case appear to be as follows:-

Mr. Chapman wished to purchase a grave in the rocky portion of the cemetery for the burial of his child, and arranged with the assistant clerk, (in Mr. Hawksworth’s: absence), for a certain grave to be dug. Mr. Hodgson, the cemetery caretaker, was away on his holidays, having obtained permission in the usual way from Mr. Greathead, one of the cemetery managers. This meant the work had to be done by another man, who found that the grave could not be got ready in time for the funeral. The cemetery caretaker usually has a few graves in the rocky portion of the cemetery blasted out before they are required, and then filled up with loose stone, which can easily be got out again and made ready when required. Rather than delay the funeral and inconvenience the mourners.

It was decided to open one of these graves for the burial; which grave is, I believe, better and drier than the one originally chosen, and also within a few yards of it.

Of course it is unfortunate that it should have happened, and one can quite understand Miss. Chapman being rather put out about it, but I respectfully suggested him that it would be advisable to let well along, especially seeing the parish council have expressed their regret at the occurrence.