Wholesale Robbery from a Factory At Conisbro’.

November 1887

Sheffield Independent – Monday 07 November 1887

Wholesale Robbery from a Factory At Conisbro’.

On Saturday afternoon, at Doncaster West Riding Police Court, Lord Auckland in the chair, James Wilkes, Nathan Hickling, Geo, Edwin Gee, William Lawley, John Millard and Joseph Millard, all boys engaged as pony drivers at the Denaby Main Colliery, were put in the dock on a charge of having stolen quantity of glass bottles, the property of Messrs. Kilner Bros glass bottle manufacturers, Conisbro’.

Mr Hall appeared for the prosecution.

A quantity of bottle having been missed for some months, a watch was kept and last week a watchman saw the boys name running away with bottle from the premises.

Mr Caleb Kilner stated that the bottles in question for spirits and were of a special brand stop They were kept in the yard at the manufactory, and were not under cover.

Last January, when stock-taking was done, there were twenty dozen, of the bottle. Of that number 3 dozen had been sold. About 40 bottles remained, so that a gross were missing. The value of the bottle, was 2s. a dozen.

Police constable Noble spoke to the apprehension of the lads and produced eight bottles which he found at some of the houses of the boys. Most of the boys said they had been taken to the spot by Gee. Some of the bottles were known to have been sold to colliers, so that they could take tea in them to the mine where they were worked.

A boy named James Vaughan, said even though one of the bottles from William Lowley for three halfpence.

Lord Auckland said the magistrates regretted that the lad, were too old to be given what they richly deserved-a good thrashing As. it was they hoped the parents would do it.

A fine in each case was imposed, amounting to 20s, including costs.