A Denaby Collier Enjoying himself

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 13, 1895

A Denaby Collier Enjoying himself

John Humphrys, a lockout collier from Denaby, was charged with being drunk in Park Street, Wombwell, on Saturday evening, and further with assaulting PC Williams whilst in the execution of his duty.

The officer stated that about 9:30 o’clock on the evening of the seventh inst. he saw the defendant and another man drunk in Part Street, using disgusting language to each other. He asked Humphrys for his name and address to which he replied, “What the – – – do you want my name for?” Witness said he should lock him up if he did not give it, and defendant then struck him in the chest. They struggled on the ground together, and with difficulty witness took him to the police station. On the road each kick witness in the legs, which 30, and he now feels the effects of the kick.

Defendant: Did you get hold of me behind and hit me?
Witness: No I did not

Defendant denied striking the officer.

For being drunk defendant was fined five shillings and costs, in default 14 days imprisonment; for the assault 10 shillings and costs, or an additional one months imprisonment.