Alleged Shop Breaking at Conisborough

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 03 June 1911

Alleged Shop Breaking at Conisborough

John William Earp, a young Conisborough pit sinker, and Edith Anne Priebe, described as a single woman, also of Conisborough were charged, in custody, at the suit of Messrs Hunter’s, The Teamen Ltd, with shop breaking. The female defendant, who was quite fashionably dressed, carried a baby in her arms.

Mr F Allen, who prosecuted, said the prisoners were charged with very extensive shop breaking. They lived together in the in a house adjoining Messrs Hunters’ shop at Conisborough. At one time they used to be communication between prisoners house and the shop, but Messrs Hunter’s, some time ago separated the two houses.

The suspicions of complaints were first aroused a few days ago, when an empty box was found on the premises. The box should have contained a clock and it was the firm’s practice to always sell the box with the clock or whatever the content of the box were. A slipper box was found under similar circumstances. Suspicion was aroused through defendant being seen with a pair of slippers.

Investigation show that bricks have been removed, and a hole made in the wall between the shop and defendant’s house, a passage of six or 7 yards being secured. The culprit, by this means, secured an entrance to the cellar of the shop, and thence upstairs. A search warrant was obtained in defendant’s house search, and a cart load of goods, groceries, clothing, clocks, boxes, boots etc found on the premises. The two prisoners were the only occupants of the house.

Mr Allen replied for a week’s remand, as his clients had reason to suppose that they could trace even further burglaries.

Ps Ramsay spoke to arresting the prisoners. Prior to that he had secured a search warrant, and entered defendant’s house, where numerous articles were found which were subsequently identified by the manager of Messrs Hunters. The prisoners were present during the search.

Asked if they had any objection to a remand, both prisoners replied: we are not guilty.

They were accordingly remanded to prison for a week.

“Can’t we have bail?” Asked Earp.

Mr Allen objected to bail being granted at the present juncture.

The Chairman said prisoners would have to spend a week in custody.