Dispute – The Crisis at Denaby – Chuck ’em into t’Cut !

28 January 1881

January 28th 1881.

The Crisis at Denaby – Chuck ’em into t’Cut !

A crowded meeting of the Denaby Main miners was held at the Mason´s Arms, Mexborough, on Friday morning.

The Chairman said he did not know whether there was anything fresh to report ; but he would like to know if the men were as firm as ever about not returning to work.

( A reply in the affirmative was given by a chorus of voices ).

He thought it would be advisable to send some delegates to the district meeting to be held that day at Rotherham. The chief business to be transacted there was relative to the Denaby Main dispute, and if no one was there to defend the case of the men, they might be thrown in the lurch.

It was decided that delegates should be sent to Rotherham and that they take evidence to show that the men could not reasonably give up the `packing´.

A Miner said he had heard nothing as to support, coming from the district ; but the delegates from Denaby Main could use their best endeavours to try and get them something.

Another Miner : We are wanting something to eat. It´s time something was done.

A Miners observed that some of the men had returned to work. He had heard that they went at eight o´clock at night and left at four o´clock in the morning, so that they should not be seen.

( A Voice :” Chuck `em into t´cut” ).

A Miner : I propose some means be taken to try and stop them.

Another Miner : The colliery is open for men to go back, and Mr. Warburton told the Board of Guardians on Saturday last, at Doncaster, there was work for any man who liked to go. This was said because some persons had applied for parish-pay.

The meeting was then adjourned.