Denaby Main Miners – Excellent Repast – Request for 5%

January 1880

January 30th 1880.

The Denaby Main Miners
Excellent Repast – Request for 5%

On Wednesday afternoon about 400 miners employed at the Denaby Main Colliery, sat down to an excellent repast at the MasonĀ“s Arms, Mexborough, which we need not add was thoroughly enjoyed.

Before Christmas, J. Warburton Esq., the manager of the colliery, promised that, should the value of coal increase, he would on the New Year give his men an advance of 5 % in their wages. This they accordingly asked for, Mr. Warburton however declined to give it, as he said the value had not gone up. At a meeting held a fortnight ago, he stated to the men the reasons why he could not give the rise and a decided majority of the miners agreed with him. It was decided that a further meeting should be held to consider the subject, at which Mr. Warburton and Mr. Chappell would if it was possible, attend.

Mr. Warburton on promising to give one half of the cost of a dinner which would precede the meeting, Mr. Nicholson, brewer of Conisbrough, also agreed to supply 36 gallons of beer, the doctors engaged at the colliery ( Messrs. Sykes of Mexborough, and Hills of Conisbrough ), further agreeing to take a share in the expense.

The dinner – a half-a-crown one – was consequently held on Wednesday, the men paying 1 shilling each towards it. Dr. Hills and Mr. J.P. Makin were quite indefatigable in their labours as carvers.

Unfortunately Mr. Warburton was indisposed, and therefore unable to attend. Mr. Chappell arrived, but while he was waiting for the finish of dinner, a messenger arrived, and he had to leave for Thorncliffe, where he had previously arranged to speak, not knowing until later on that a meeting of the Denaby Main miners was to be held on Wednesday.

The meeting, had therefore, to be adjourned until a further date when Mr. Chappell will address the men on the 5 % question.