Dispute – Tommy Tickets

January 1879

January 3rd 1879.

Denaby Main Dispute.
Tommy Tickets

The strike still continues and distress in some families is very severe. The men still receive their `tommy tickets´ for groceries to the amount of 8 shillings weekly, with one shilling for each child under 13 years of age, but this amount is not even sufficient for food, therefore they have to go without clothing and coal, which are almost as much required as food, during the severe weather.

It will undoubtedly surprise many of our readers that coal is a necessity in a place where nothing else is mined, but such is the case, and many have to go without, while the few, who are able to buy, have to obtain them in three-penny baskets from hawkers of coal and coke.

The most mysterious part of the programme, is that the manager will not allow any of those on strike to have coal from the colliery, even if they take their money with them.

A fortnight ago it was stated, in error, that the men received money as well as their `tommy tickets´, but this was a mistake, for only once during the entire lock-out and strike, have they received four shillings with their `tommy ticket´.

No hope of settlement seems to be at present contemplated by the men, unless their checkweighman is re-instated to his proper position. Many rumours are extensively circulated in the neighbourhood, one to the effect that the works were to be opened this week, received great consideration. But up to the present time no voucher

for it´s correctness has appeared. Another is that tenants of the Company have had their supply of gas disconnected, which, if true, will be another addition to their list of inconveniences.