Dispute Week 3 – Impending Evictions – Outbreak of Smallpox

16 January 1885

Mexborough & Swinton Times January 16th, 1885.

Impending Evictions
Outbreak of Smallpox

The dispute has reached an acute stage. For some time the miners who reside in the company´s houses at Denaby Main expected that they would receive notices to quit their residences, but as time wore on and action was not taken they began to hope this course would not be adopted.

Great excitement prevailed in Denaby Main on Wednesday, therefore, when it became known that the whole of the men who tenant the company´s houses had received a week´s notice to quit.

With the exception of one or two, the whole of the houses in Denaby Main are the property of the Colliery Company. If the matter be pushed to a conclusion the whole of the inhabitants of Denaby Main will have to leave the locality, as some difficulty is experienced in Mexborough in obtaining houses.

The population of Denaby Main is estimated at between 3,000 and 4,000.

Disease has of late made rapid strides in the homes of the miners, and the condition of some of the inhabitants is deplorable. It is stated that a case of small pox has been reported, and measles and bronchial affections a very much prevalent.

Hopes are entertained by the miners that the inhabitants of the adjoining townships will not allow them to suffer, and there was a rumour on Wednesday evening to the effect that the local authorities of Mexborough and other places would be asked to take some action over the calamity.

A meeting of the executive of the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Miners´ Association was held on Wednesday, at which the alarming condition of affairs was discussed at some length. Notwithstanding the fact that a large number of men have received notices to quit their residences, they express a very decided opinion that they will never submit to the employers terms unless arbitration is resorted to.

The Outbreak Of Smallpox At Denaby Main.

A meeting of the Sanitary Committee of the Mexborough Local Board was held last night, Mr. C. Scorah in the chair :-

The Medical Officer reported that a case of smallpox had occurred at Denaby Main.

The Committee were of the opinion that precautionary measures should be at once taken, and notices were ordered to be printed and posted in the parish.

It is feared, under the existing circumstances, and unless great caution is exercised, that the disease will spread.

The patient has been effectively isolated, the medical authorities have taken prompt action to prevent the infection making headway.