Dispute 06 – February 6th – More Smallpox Cases

February 1885

February 6th 1885

The Denaby Main Dispute

So far as the lock-out is concerned, the position of affairs at Denaby Main colliery remains unchanged. The last balance sheet issued by the men showed that during the week their efforts succeeded in raising £84, the collieries at which assistance was solicited stretching from Nottingham to Pontefract and Normanton.

No further steps have been taken since the notices expired, towards getting the colliers out of their houses.

During the past few days the measles epidemic has declined considerably, but many children are still suffering from it ; though with respect to smallpox not so favourable report can be given, there being three cases now within that part of the village, a fresh case coming to light on Sunday.

A crowded meeting of the miners out of employment was held at the Mason´s Arms Inn, Mexborough, on Tuesday morning. The names of members of the Miners´ Association were called out, and the majority of the men answered.

Opinions were expressed against their returning to work on the employers terms and several men stated their conviction that the miners employed in other pits in South Yorkshire would not allow them to suffer.

The opinion amongst the men is that they are fighting a battle for South Yorkshire, and if they are eventually forced to work at the employers terms, the miners at the other collieries will be asked also to work at a reduction of the recent prices.