Dispute – Meeting with Manager

April 1881

April 22

The Proposed Reduction Of Miners´ Wages

A deputation of the Denaby Main miners, accompanied by Mr. Chappell, waited upon Mr. Warburton, the manager of the colliery, on Saturday, in order to see if could not be persuaded to withdraw the notice which had been given to the men which stated that the 5% that they had recently received would be deducted from their wages.

The interview lasted some time. In reply to the deputation the Manager said he could not withdraw the notice. He was then asked if he would consent to it´s non-enforcement until it was seen whether the Manvers Main men would obtain an advance through the establishment of a sliding-scale, in which case the wages of the Denaby Main men were to be equally raised.

Mr. Warburton answered that he did not think the Manvers Main miners would find their wages could be raised ; but whether this was so or not ; the Directors had given him instructions to at once deduct 5% from the wages of the men, in consequence of the depressed state of the coal trade.

The deputation subsequently withdrew.

Seeing the determination of the Directors, it is thought the men will fall in with their wishes and prevent a strike which cannot possibly have any good results.