Dispute – April 24th – Great distress among the Miners

Great Distress Amongst The Miners

The prospects of the families evicted from Denaby Main are anything but cheering. The contributions to the bread fund have been so small during the last few days that relief has only been given in driblets.

On Wednesday afternoon numbers of women and children attended the residences of the Revs. T.J. Leslie and T. Horsfall, in the hope that a small portion of bread would be allotted to them as usual. To their dismay they were informed that owing to the scarcity of funds no bread had been purchased. The numbers of these poor creatures, however, waited for hours together in the vain hope that some relief would be afforded them during the day. The distress is very great.

On Tuesday forty-four men dragged a wagon from Attercliffe to Sheffield and back in order to obtain a hundred loaves of bread.

Now that the Manvers Main men are on strike trade is at a standstill in the district, and the local tradesmen are crying out against the continuance of the struggle.

The sum of £2 was received by Rev. T. Horsfall on Wednesday from `Tom´ of Leeds, towards the bread fund, and Mr. C. Stanley of Wath, has promised five hundred buns to be distributed amongst the children today ( Friday ).

On Wednesday two hundred and sixty-six children received a bun each.

The Rev. J.T. Leslie received 13s. on Wednesday from members of the Attercliffe Bridge Wesleyan Chapel ; and ” J.”, Chesterfield, forwarded 5s.

On Monday he supplied two hundred and fifty-three families, representing one thousand five hundred and forty-five people, with bread.

The Rev. gentleman has published a balance sheet, which shows the receipts and expenditure to have been £58.

The Rev. T. Horsfall distributed one thousand five hundred buns among the children of the Denaby Main miners on Monday.