Dispute – May 15th e – Deputation Requested

May 1885

Meeting At Mexborough
A Deputation Sent For

A crowded meeting of miners was held yesterday afternoon at the Mason´s Arms Lodge room. It had been stated that a deputation had been asked for by the manager. Mr. Hatton, it is said, was near the colliery yesterday morning and there saw Superintendent Hammond, who informed him that the directors would meet a deputation if the men would send one.

He also saw Mr. Pope, who expressed his willingness to meet the men today. Mr. P. Hatton, who was in the chair yesterday afternoon, said the men were willing to arbitrate on the ten thick coal seams in the neighbouring collieries, and if so they would have an advantage of 15% in some seams. They had obtained a list of prices.

The manager wanted a deputation, and they should choose twelve good men from that meeting to discuss the question. The managing director and the owners, together with the manager, would be present, and they should send some capable men to discuss the question. He advised them not to pick men just because they were favourites.

The following persons were then chosen to confer with the directors today at two o´clock :-

Messrs. Alfred Astbury, Samuel Boden, Humphrey Barker, William Cooper, I. Blunt, P. Hatton, W. Ellis, W. Rawlinson,and Andrew Finlan.

The question was raised as to how the deputation were to act provided that the directors would not meet their Chairman, and the latter remarked that he would withdraw if they could make an honourable settlement, but in no other case.

The Chairman remarked that if they did obtain a settlement there would be a

`bit of awkwardness´ amongst them. ( A Voice : ” Afore Whissunday and all.”)

It would be Tuesday morning before they would get to work.