Miners Association 500 – Attend Public Tea

May 1879

May 16th 1879.

Denaby Main Miners´ Association.

500 Attend Public Tea


Under the auspices of the above, a public tea was held in the Congregational School-room on Monday last. The attendance was exceedingly large, upwards of five hundred partaking of tea, to which there were three `sittings down´.

After partaking of an excellent cup of tea, which was well and satisfactorily served, an adjournment was made to the adjoining church (kindly lent for the occasion).

The place was well filled and great interest was manifest in the proceedings, which consisted of a lecture by John Warburton Esq. the managing engineer of Denaby Main Colliery, on ” Thoughts In The Passage Of Life.”

Notwithstanding that the subject was a new one, and one of a higher stamp than it is usual to hear, the most profound attention was given to the lecture throughout, which was frequently applauded.

The gathering appeared to be a very convivial one, and all parties – masters and men alike – were without doubt glad to meet each other.

Previous to the lecture a few words were said by Mr. Dixon ; after which the chairman ( Rowland Hills Esq. Of Conisbrough ) introduced the lecturer.