Dispute – May 22nd d – Scene on the River Don

May 1885

Scene On The Banks Of The River Don

On Sunday afternoon, on the banks of the Don, groups of men were pacing angrily to and fro opposite the colliery premises, now and again giving vent to loud shouts of defiance as one or another policeman or colliery official was observed.

After waiting a few hours their patience was rewarded by the sight of half a dozen Cornishmen, who were leisurely strolling along the cinder path leading to the water´s edge.

Negotiations were at once opened with the newcomers and, after obtaining a promise from the Denabyites that no harm would happen to them if they made their way out of the colliery yard, the Cornishmen informed them that their terms would be accepted. They then left.

At four o´clock a number of the new workmen walked out of the colliery gates, their advent being greeted with loud applause. After an hour had been vainly spent in the attempt to entice the remainder of the Cornishmen from the colliery, the crowd departed. The newcomers were liberally treated with refreshments, and a watch was kept on their movements.

A meeting was announced to take place at four o´clock on Monday morning near the colliery, and arrangements were made for paying the fare of the newcomers to Cornwall.

They departed from Swinton early on Monday morning, several of the miners escorting them on the way to the station, and carrying their luggage.

Some of the men in the colliery who hail from Attercliffe, stated that they had come there to work and that they meant to work.

The excitement throughout the day at Mexborough was intense.