Dispute – July 24th – The Recent Riot at Denaby Main

July 1885

June 24th 1885.

The Recent Riot At Denaby Main.

At the Doncaster West Riding Police Court, on Monday, James Beach, collier, Swinton, was charged with having assaulted Police-constable Firth, on the 11th inst. at Mexborough.

Before the evidence was adduced, Superintendent Blake asked that the summons which had been taken out against a miner named Thomas Wraith of Mexborough, might be withdraw, it being a case of mistaken identity.

Mr. Hickmott said in this case he could prove an alibi by means of three witnesses – two from Denaby Main and one from Handsworth. The witnesses were John Henry Freeman, William Woodward, and Mrs. Walters of Handsworth. The summons was withdrawn and the expenses for the witness from Handsworth were allowed.

The charge against James Beach was then investigated, witnesses were ordered out of court until required to give evidence.

Police-constable Firth stated that on the Saturday night previous, at twenty to twelve, he was escorting a prisoner to the police station. The defendant Beach came up and started pulling and pushing them about ( Defendant : ” That´s a good un.”) The defendant also struck him on the side. At the police station there was a crash, and stones were thrown. One stone struck witness on the shoulder, and one went through one of the station´s windows. There was between two hundred and three hundred persons present.

Police-constable Jarvis gave corroborative evidence.

Mr. Hickmott endeavoured to prove an alibi, and evidence was given by William Yates and William Jenkins to the effect that the prisoner was at home when the assault complained was committed.

A fine of forty shillings and fifteen shillings costs was inflicted.