Conisborough CC – Braithwell, Hickleton and Rawmarsh

27 July 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times, July 6 th

Conisborough 91 for 9  Braithwell 45

G Hardy 36 Bilbrough 4 wkts, Scott 4 wkts

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 20.

Conisborough 55  Hickleton Main 53

F Eyre 5-25, H Ramsbottom 5-25 A Bilbrough 5-16, G Hardy 3-30

These teams met for the first time this season in the Mexborough and District League, at Conisborough.

The home side batted first, on a hard wicket, in beautiful weather. On the previous Monday. The grass in the outfield had been mown, and this considerably improve the appearance of the ground. The start was very disastrous as five wickets were down before 20 been placed on the board.It must be admitted that Conisborough were short of 3 or 4 of their best batsmen, and at the same time theyhad todeal with some of the best bowling in the League.At 20 for3 H.Sharp was smartly caught by Pinder and W.W.Norwood thenhad the Conisborough pro (Bilbrough) for his partner. Together they carried the score to 39, when Norwood had to go, being cleverly caught at point by Williamson. Bilbrough was playing the ball with a greater degree of confidence than any of the other batsmen, remaining but he was not well supported. Bilbrough was dismissed for 16. Williamson’s smartfielding at point drew from the excellent crowd of spectators rounds of applause. After Bilbrough had gone the end soon came at 55.

Hickleton Main had a good team, which included Humphries, the wicket-keeper, who has played this season several times with Derbyshire County. Eyre (5 for 25) and Ramsbottom (5 for 25) unchanged throughout the innings, and came out with almost precisely the same figures.

As a general rule 55, is not too great a total for Hickleton Main to rub off, and the Conisborough spectators, was strong partisans, had to admit that there was a great likelihood of their team being beaten. But if the home 11 started badly done in stage of the visitors innings had a worse aspect, as they had five wickets down for 18. Stop more steadiness was infused into the batting, but runs were rather scarce for a while, as the Conisborough men, with one or two exceptions, showed much smarter fielding than their average form.

The score improved steadily and at 52 with Hickleton wanting only 4 to win, a nasty accident occurred which sent Pinder back to the Pavilion with his left eyebrow severely cut. The batsmen played a ball from Hardy up his bat and onto his face. He was not able to continue playing, and his place was taken by F Eyre, the last man for Hickleton. Eyre failed to hold his end up, being caught by sounded, and the visitors had to submit to defeat by only two runs. Bilbrough was the most successful bowler of the two Conisborough men, taking five wickets for 60 runs, while Hardy had three for 30.

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 27.

Rawmarsh 51  Conisborough, 36.

C Pepper 7-15

Visitors to the Rawmarsh enclosure on Saturday saw some sensational cricket. The fixture between the above teams was a return. One in the Mexborough and District League. Rawmarsh batted first, and furnished something of a surprise, only managing to scrape together 51 runs for the loss of all the wickets. It looked as though. Conisborough had a fine thing on, but as is generally the case with Conisborough, despite the chance, they lost – 36 for their total for 11 men.! It appears they want some batsmen with nerve on occasions like these.

Cricketers in this locality would notice a familiar name in the Conisborough 11, that of W.Scott, who has played good cricket in former days for Thrybergh, and also for Kilnhurst. He scored six runs and captured four of the Rawmarsh wickets. When at Conisborough on June 16. The Rawmarsh 11 accomplished an easy victory, by six wickets and 51 runs.

G Hardy, of Conisborough, did not appear to be in very good form with either bat on ball. He captured only three wickets, and had to be content with a “duck.”

The score compiled by Rawmarsh was a poor one. Indeed, compared with the hundred 118 for 5 wickets in the previous engagement, when Conisborough scrape together 67.

The weather was not very promising when the game commenced, but there were lucky enough not to have the game marred by a downpour of rain, as in other local matches on Saturday.