Denaby GS – Mexborough Red, White and Blue and Swinton

August 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 6.

Mexborough Red, White and Blue 35 Denaby Glittering Star 69

J Hobson 23, Mills 14 Hully 17 not out; Hobsons 7 wkts

Mexborough and Swinton Town August 6.

Swinton Denaby Glittering Star

Innings 27 1st
Innings 26

Hobson 4 wkts

Innings 23 2nd
Innings 63

Beardsley 5 wkts Naylor 24

Played at Swinton, on the feast Wednesday, andresulted inan easy victory for the visitors, owing to the splendid bowling of E.Beardsley and F.Hobson