The “Bag Dirt” Strike – The Strike and Children

August 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 08 August 1902

Conisborough Notes

The Strike and Children

The strike drags itself, and many a fervent wish has been expressed that it was over. No one can foresee the end, which has yet, seems far out of sight.

Another batch, 48 in number, were ordered to pay damages to the amount of 6 pounds by the West Riding Court on Saturday, and already one hears rumours of further summonses been likely to be issued.

There has been a monster distribution of soup past week at the Castle Inn, where mine host has distributed many hundreds of pints of excellent soup, and an equal number of small loaves of bread.

On Monday the children from New Conisborough were supplied, whilst on Tuesday youngsters from Conisbrough proper were regaled. I am told that the funds are supplied by the committee, who have had the arrangements of the Burcroft Sports in hand.

Instead of holding sports this year,  they hit upon the idea of distributing soup and bread.

In view of the great amount of distress which is prevalent this seems a sensible arrangement, though it would be incorrect to surmise that the crowd and produce tickets for the supply were all the children of people affected by the strike.

I understand the committee decides place no conditions whatever upon the recipient, except that they were to be of a certain age. There is a daily distribution of food to children who are in attendance at school and who are in want, at the new school on Station Road.

The arrangement here under the supervision of the governors of the school, Miss Ramskill, this lady been assisted by the various teachers of the schools, for which this acts as a centre of supply. Every credit is due to the teachers, who have given time and labour and money to feeding the hungry.