Dispute – State of Families and Businesses Sad

October 1878

October 25th 1878.

Manvers Main And Denaby Main Dispute.

State of Families and Businesses Sad

We had hoped that the sad dispute in connection with Manvers and Denaby Main Collieries would have been amicably settled ere this, but we are sorry to say our hopes have not been realized. Indeed, from what little information we can gather, mastersĀ“ and men appear to be as far apart as ever. One thing how- ever, is certain – the end must and will come, sooner or later.

We earnestly hope that day is not far distant, if only for the sake of many families who are compelled either to depend on the charity of the public or starve.

The complaints made by our local tradesmen with regard to the state of their businesses, are really sad. We do not suppose that trade generally was ever found to be worse in Mexborough and district than it is at the present time. It is often said that ” hope deferred maketh the heart sick ” and of late many an honest trades – man has learnt this by heartfelt experience. Trade is bad he knows, but he is day after day hoping, that the dark clouds will disperse and the sun of prosperity once more shine upon him ; but his hopes are still hopes. We sympathize most sincerely with our respectable local tradesmen during this long season of trial and adversity, and earnestly trust there will be ” a turn in the tide.”