£1,000 a Year Required – Cost of School Extensions at Denaby

August 1937

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – Tuesday 03 August 1937

£1,000 a Year Required
Cost of School Extensions at Denaby

Parishioners all St Alban’s Catholic Church, Denaby, the large majority of whom our miners, and their wives were Informed by their parish priest. Father J Holohan, at the annual church garden party, In the Presbytery grounds, yesterday, that they have face the task raising £l,000 a year provide for extensions to St. Alban s Schools.

Holohan said that alter September 1, 1939, every child must go to school until It was 15 years old, and every child over 11 must receive practical and advanced instruction. This meant that they would have enlarge the school, and their aim must be raise at least £1,000 a year.

Last April he had announced that all the money they raised would set aside for their school extensions, and they had raised £250 to date. To raise the £1,000 could only be done by great self-sacrifice by the parishioners, but he was convinced that the parishioners gave as in the past the sum would raised.