Dispute – Dispute continues – Policemen at Pit

December 1878

December 20th 1878.

Denaby Main Dispute.

Policemen at Pit

Matters at Denaby Main Colliery are assuming a serious aspect and longer the strike continues, fainter are the hopes of a settlement. Great distress prevails amongst the majority of the workmen and their families. Although they receive a certain amount of union pay, together with a `tommy ticketĀ“.

On Saturday last, 3 days wages were due to the men, but on going to the office only a portion of them received payment, on the same day a number of policemen were in attendance at the pit, for what object we know not.

Meetings of the men had been held during the week and a firm resolution passed not to resume work until their servant ( checkweighman ) is re-installed, on the other hand it is announced that the masters have entirely closed the colliery owing to the action taken by the men.

We trust, however, that the New Year will see them at work again and the strike will not be so long lasting as predicted.