12 Houses For Old Denaby – But Rents Will Be High

November 1955

South Yorkshire Times Nov 19, 1955

12 Houses For Old Denaby
But Rents Will Be High

Reporting on the housing position in Old Denaby Parish Council, Councillor J. Webster said there would be a possibility that the rents of new houses would be between 35s. and £2.

Four new houses would be started in Old Denaby in the near future and unless the cost of building could be cut the rents would be very high, Mr. Webster said.

The Council had been pressing for new council houses in Old Denaby for over two years and had at last been granted twelve houses. These had been approved previous to the recent Budget, and now that subsidies had been reduced the Council were not sure what the position was. Two of the houses will be of the cottage flat type and two are to be three-bedroom houses. The cottage flat type have been chosen because of the low cost.

Reporting on the sewerage system at Old Denaby Councillor Webster said that he had seen officials at Doncaster and they had told him that there was no hope of a general sewage disposal system for Old Denaby for years to come.

Doncaster R.D.C. already had enough schemes in hand in larger villages than Old Denaby