Comforts Fund – Interesting Letters

September 1941

South Yorkshire Times 6 September 1941

Comforts Fund

Interesting letters continue to be received by the officials of the local Comforts Fund expressing the gratitude of local men in the Forces for the gifts which are periodically despatched to them from the Fund.

The Hon. Treasurer, Mr. R. W. Birch, has this week received his first airgraph letter, sent by Joseph Hunt, formerly of Northcliffe road, Conisborough, who is now a stoker in the Navy.

Hunt says “We are having a trying time but just the same keeping our chins up and are quite happy as long as we can get a bottle of beer and cigarettes, and are always ready to have a go at the catspaws of this German maniac”.

Corporal A. Broadhead, of Athelstane road, Conisborough, who is now with the R.A.S.C. in the Middle East, in a letter dated 14th June, 1941, thanks the Comforts Fund committee “for the Christmas gift which he received a fortnight ago owing to our mutual pal Tashermisschiter”.

“All here”, says Broadhead, “are ready for the showdown, and believe me we hold the Ace, King, Queen and Jack of trumps besides one or two wee ones”.