12th Century Relic as Chapel Altar – Unique Memento to War Dead

October 1957

South Yorkshire Times October 26, 1957

12th Century Relic in Conisbrough Memorial
Capstone from Castle as Chapel Altar
A Unique Memento to the War Dead

A large stone, believed to have come from a chapel in Conisbrough Castle, has been incorporated as an altar slab in a memorial chapel in Conisbrough Parish Church to commemorate the fallen of the town during the last war.

The chapel, which is situated at the east end of the north aisle, will be dedicated by the Bishop of Sheffield, Dr. L. S. Hunter, on  Wednesday, November 20th.

The Vicar of Conisbrough, the Rev. G. F. Braithwaite, told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter this week that the stone was discovered in the Castle bailey some 30 years ago and taken into the church. He believed 4t had been used in a chapel in the 12th Century Castle.

Measuring approximately six feet long, three feet wide and six inches deep, the well-shaped stone has several tiny crosses engraved in the surface.

The chapel is not yet furnished, but some of the furnishings are being provided by church organisations and some anonymously. It will have antique pewter candlesticks and cross.

To cost £3000

The chapel, which is virtually completed, will cost some £3000, the new organ costing £1800 is included in this amount. The £3000 has been raised in the past 12 or 13 years my efforts in the parish, including Saturday coffee morning which have raised some £700.

Mr Braithwaite said relatives of the fallen will receive an invitation, but there was an open invitation to relatives who had left the district or to those that changed their address and whose address was not known.

Some 60 names of the fallen are contained in a parchment book presented by Dr W J McClure, a former church warden.