Conisbrough Cricket Club – Annual ball – a splendid success

January 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, January 7, 1905

Conisbrough Cricket Club

Annual ball – a splendid success

One of the most interesting, enjoyable and largely patronised events that occur with the ushering in of the new year is the annual ball produced by the special ball committee in connection with the Conisbrough Cricket club. Of all the eagerly anticipated functions to take place in and around Conisbrough, none have made strides into popularity as their annual event.

It might be as well to mention that the special ball committee is composed of several gentlemen who have the interest of the club at heart. The Ball has established itself very firm into the public mind, and as a result the sheer finds it increases in popularity during the 14 years the venture has been in existence, the special committee has been enable to hand over to the cricket club no lesser sum than £250.

A great amount of praise is due to Mr W.W.Norwood, the energetic secretary, who worked hard and long in order to make the affair a success, as a result of which all the arrangements made for the comfort of the guests were carried out with complete satisfaction. On Thursday night the large room in the old Board School had been completely transformed, the various departments having been tastefully and prettily decorated with a profusion of Union Jacks etc whilst a number of Japanese lanterns were suspended from the roof. The drawing-room received special attention and calls for much praise. The credit of the exceedingly artistic decoration is due to Mrs George Appleyard and son.

As usual the music was supplied by the Ivanhoe string band, under the capable leadership of Mr G.W.Lawton, whilst the duties of M.C.’s bravely carried out by Mr T.R.Booth and Mr J.Appleyard.

There would be just over 100 persons present when the opening dance was started, including the following (list of people at end)

The refreshment room was, as usual, quite a large department in itself, the table being set out in a very appetising manner, all of it might be stated, having been in enormously constituted by ladies and gentlemen residing in the district. (List of people at the end)

The refreshments tables were specially set out with a number of exceptional fine hothouse flowers from Hickleton Main. They were supplied by Mr Farrell. The guests were waited upon by Mr Davies of Doncaster, who conducted the arrangements, supported by a and efficient staff

Persons Attending

Mr Walter and Miss E Appleyard
Mr Ernest and Miss M Appleyard
Mr.P.Booth and Miss Marsh
Mr W.W. Norwood , Mrs Norwood, and Miss Norwood
Mr Lockwood and Miss Lockwood (Hickleton),
Mr Morrell and Mrs Morrell (Hellaby Hall),
Mr and Mrs G Clarkson,
Mr T Nesbitt and Mr F Nesbitt
Mr Elliott and Miss Nesbitt,
Mr and Mrs Bedford,
Mr T.Booth and Miss Booth
Mr H Hill, Miss Speight and Miss Rayner,
Mr Turner and Miss Ward,
Mr F Appleyard and Mrs Appleyard,
Mr Appleyard and Mrs Appleyard
Mr and Mrs Wray
Mr and Mrs C Appleyard,
Mr C Ledger, Jr, and Miss Sellers,
Dr Forster and McCluer,
Mr and Mrs Lugar,
Mr and Mrs Farrell, Miss Crowcroft,
Mr Frank Mason and Miss Milnthorpe
Miss Darwent (Swinton), Mr Spencer and Miss Stanser,
Mr Stanser and Miss Ida Stanser,
Mr and Mrs Milner (Clifton),
Mr and Mrs W Appleyard (Clifton)
Mrs Stacey and Miss Clinton,
Mr Albert Moody,
Mr Camm and Miss Camm,
Mr GW Lawton,
Mr and Mrs GH Appleyard (Rotherham),
Mr Mrs F Stephenson (Rotherham),
Mr J Routledge (Pontefract), Miss Hitch (Sheffield)
Miss Foote Sunderland, Miss Ford (Rotherham)
Miss Barker
Mr and Mrs Burkinshaw,
Mr and Mrs A Walker
Mr F Ogly
Mr Joseph Appleyard and Miss Appleyard
Mr John Appleyard and Miss Craven
Miss Swallow and Miss Gilderdale
Mr E Robinson and Mr a Robinson
Mr E Clarkson, Mr Ogden, Mr Anderson
Mrs Cole and Miss Cole
Mr F Martin and Miss Beaumont

Contributors to refreshment:
Mrs Woodyear (Crookhill Hall)
Lord Yarborough, Col Bewick-Copley (Sprotborough)
Mr W.W Warde-Aldham (Frickley Hall)
Mr J Storey (Hooton) Messrs Whitworth, Son and Nephew (Wath)
Mr Dean Mullins (Rotherham) Mr M Beetham (Doncaster)
Mrs Wiley and Sons (Sheffield)
Mr RJ Elliott (Huddersfield) Mrs Ward and Sons (Swinton)
Mr I Webster Mr F.Ridgehill, Mr W Revill, Mr J Sargan
Mr G Goodlad, Mr G.R. Downend, Mr G Clarkson, Mr B.J. Clarkson, Miss Barker
Mr W.W. Norton, Mrs W Appleyard, Mrs Milner, Mr F Appleyard Mrs Lugar, Miss Clinton,
Mrs W and E Appleyard Conisbrough Lodge
Mr Walters, Mr W Bingley (Mexborough)
Mr Dan Hobkinson (Rotherham), Mr S Elliott Dr Foster,
Mrs Bedford, Miss A Walker, Mr T.R Booth
Miss Nicholson and Mr G.W. Lawton

Plants had been lent by Mr W.W Norwoodd; Furniture by Miss Nicholson, Mrs Norwood, Mrs Nesbitt, Mr Lugar and Mrs Appleyard and Son