Conisborough Isolation Hospital – Diphtheria Increasing, Scarlet Fever Abating

February 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 22, 1935

Conisborough Isolation Hospital
Diphtheria Increasing, Scarlet Fever Abating

When dealing with the question of some small repairs to the smallpox portion of the hospital, Mrs Paling (Armthorpe) remarked “I was disgusted when I visited those huts. They are not fit for anyone to be in.”

The Chairman (Mr O.S.Howden): They ought to have been pulled down years ago. It has been a question of capital.

Mrs M Singleton (Mexborough) said the huts were fit 22 years ago.

On the suggestion of Mrs Paling it was decided to visit the huts prior to the next meeting.

The acting medical superintendent, Dr D.T.Clarke, reported that on January 1 there were 144 patients in hospital, 32 diphtheria, 110 scarlet fever and two of spotted fever. During the month hundred and 10 patients were admitted, 38 diphtheria, 70 scarlet fever and to spot it fever. There were discharged in 15 patients and there were six deaths.

“Diphtheria is on the increase and scarlet fever is decreasing,” added Dr Clarke.

The Matron, in a report, suggested an increase in salary be granted a sister who expressed willingness to take overnight duty.
Mrs Singleton: the nursing profession is one of the most scandalously paid there is.

The Chairman agreed.
Mrs Singleton: they must have a real love for the work they would not do so for the money.
Mr C Williams (Thurnscoe) suggested that the Clerk provide the members at the next meeting with a list of salary spare.

This was agreed

It was reported that a house in the hospital had been taken for the accommodation of for nurses.