Conisbrough bus brawl – Tiresome passengers

February 1945

South Yorkshire Times February 24 1945

Tiresome passengers
Conisbrough bus brawl

At Doncaster West Riding Court on Saturday it was alleged that four Denaby youths had assaulted bus drivers. The bench dismissed the cases against three Denaby youths who were charged with unlawfully wounding Walter Hufton and Maurice Foster both of Peak Avenue Conisbrough, bus drivers employed by the Mexborough and Swinton traction co.

Evidence was that eight youths boarded the last bus from Denaby to Conisbrough, on Saturday, Dec. 30th All had been drinking and were rowdy. One of them, identified by several witnesses as William Cartwright 23 of Denaby put his arm round the conductress and was told to desist by Maurice Foster , a driver and the conductress’s father in law who was travelling as a passenger to his home at Conisbrough.

When leaving the vehicle some of the youths attacked Foster and the driver of the vehicle, Walter Huston, came to assist Foster.

None of the four youths in court could be identified as the aggressors, but Cartwright was fined £2 for contravening the companies laws byimpeding one of its servants.